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Dr. Gluck is board certified and has now performed more than 7,000 weight-loss surgeries to date. Call us for more information 231-737-8446

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Induxter is an experienced company for your business development and success achievement.
Since 1988

We Works With Global Industries.

Induxter is an experienced company for your business development and success achievement.

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I chose to have gastric sleeve surgery after hitting my highest weight at 340 pounds. Although I had no pre-existing health conditions, I knew it would be nearly impossible to lose (and keep off) the extreme amount of weight I needed to be at a healthy BMI, and therefore had surgery as a preventative measure.This surgery is simply a weight loss tool, and I had to use my tool in the most effective way possible. To continue weight loss, it was imperative for me to incorporate continued healthy eating and an active fitness plan to my life. Since surgery, I've lost 120 pounds and am more fit now than in my teen years. I'm not yet to my goal weight/ size, but even 2 years after surgery am continuing to see progress in muscle growth and fat loss by sticking to the plan that my friends at Life Without Limits helped me create. It's hard work, but if your'e honest with yourself and truly put in effort, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!*

More fit now than in my teen years

Chelsea, 33
Total Weight Loss: 120 lbs

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy 5/18/2016. Heaviest weight 290, Current weight 142, Goal Weight was 175....Now my goal weight is 130! 14 months and 148 pounds later, I am literally half the person I was. No regrets. Zero. The thing is this is a total head game. My husband always made me feel like I was beautiful, now that I am thin I still think I am how I was. Unless I look in a mirror, then I'm reminded how much I've lost. So when I was 290 pounds my husband made me feel beautiful. Now that I'm 142 pounds he still makes me feel beautiful, but in my head I'm 290 pounds. I have no idea how to describe it to someone who hasn't lost the equivalent of an adult. A year ago I was a thin girl stuck in a fat suit and now I'm a thin girl stuck in a fat mind.*

Julie L., 37

Weight Loss: 148 lbs
Non-Weight Stat

I went skydiving in June 2016!*

Kaye L.

Total Weight Loss: 178 lbs

I can move easier and I’m more comfortable thanks to not being out of breath from moving. I can sit in normal chairs, they don’t have to be extra wide. I can shower without a chair or losing my breath. I can walk in the stores a little at a time when I go out I try to push myself a little bit more each time. Making myself stick to this life change has been easier than I thought it would be. I just take it 1 day at a time. I’ve had a terrible year since my surgery, I lost my mom and 2 other family members. Had many issues with my leg swelling, but thankfully no sores. The 2 coolest thinks are walking around with my great niece and not having to have a seat belt extender when I bought my new used car. Plus buying my clothes off the rack rather than buying from a catalog.*

Laurie M.

Total Weight Loss: 170 lbs

How is your life different now after surgery? Bought a townhouse with stairs instead of everything on one level!! Off meds for depression, cholesterol, and blood pressure..can now play 18 holes of golf 3 days in a row if I choose. Much happier with myself so I don't hide from pictures. What is the coolest thing you can do now that you could not before surgery? I have walked two 5 K's. The second one was the Color Run which I walked in less than an hour... Had knee replacement the year before my surgery so couldn't run it.*

Carol S.

Total Weight Loss: 86 lbs

Meet our Multi Disciplinary Team

Dr. Gluck has helped over 7,000 people lose weight and regain their lives.

Dr. Brian Gluck is a board certified general surgeon specializing in Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Gluck started performing bariatric surgeries at Mercy Hospital in December of 2002.

Dr. Gluck and his team have built a comprehensive program ensuring the highest level of patient safety and support throughout your weight loss journey. Take your time browsing our website to learn about bariatric surgery. 

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