Setting Goals

Setting goals is essential for success. Goals should never be about perfection. The focus should be on consistency and improving overall wellbeing.

SMART goals are the best way to be sure you are on the right path. SMART goals are Specific to what you want to accomplish and why is it important. They are Measurable to allow you to track progress and see results through numbers and documentation. They are Attainable, a realistic expectation of yourself. Make your goals Relevant, or something you are passionate about. Lastly, focus your goal on the Time you have allowed for completion. Every goal should be individualized for your personal abilities and needs. It is helpful to write down your smaller goals that lead up to your larger goal. It can be very motivating to set a small goal and achieve it, spurring you to keep working toward that larger, more significant, goal. Not only does setting fitness goals improve your overall well-being, it can improve your self-confidence, focus, empowerment, and satisfaction. Let your goals help you to realize the best version of YOURSELF, without the influence of others. Aim for the stars and focus your mind and body on your fitness goal – you can reach it!

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