Exercise Equipment under $25

Whether you’re just not a gym person or you’re a beginner who’s trying to build up their home workout routine, these 7 Amazon products are our recommendations for you! And they are all under $25!


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Dumbbell Weights Recommend at starting with 3-5 pound weights; they come in a lot of different colors!
Resistance Bands Great for strength building, during yoga or pilates, and stretching! You get 5 bands at varying resistance levels. 
Balance Disk Stand on it while at your standing desk, sit on it while watching television, or incorporate it into your aerobic workout routine. It works your core and improves balance. It’s available in several color options!
Exercise Ball This exercise ball is versatile so you can incorporate it into any workout. Use for stretching, physical therapy, sit-ups, and Pilates, while others sit on it during work hours to improve their posture and core strength. 
Kettlebells Kettlebells can be used for squats, swings, toning shoulders, deadlifts, working legs and back rows. They come in a wide range of weights- ideal for any level! 
Interval Timer & Stopwatch Compact interval timer times one or two intervals between two seconds and 99 minutes. It’s very helpful for workouts when you want to alternate between moves (or speeds).
Adjustable Ankle Weights Ankle weights can take a bodyweight-based workout to the next level. I would recommend using light (2.5 pounds to 10 pounds) ankle weights for strengthening exercises.



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