Bariatric-Friendly Recipes

Eating right is one of the most important decision you can make. Checkout a few of our favorite recipes.

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Trying to figure out which exercises are most beneficial for you in the current stage of your weight loss program? Check out our recommendations below!


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We offer support every step of the way

Through this weight loss journey, you discover a lot about yourself and your relationship with food. Some may find that they used food as a coping mechanism more than they realized. This is commonly often referred to as "emotional eating" - eating when depressed, stressed, happy, or even bored. Until different coping mechanisms are obtained, patients will continue to struggle with their weight and relationship with food regardless of bariatric surgery.

We at Life Without Limits recognize this need and have support to help you through this. We also offer individual counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist that specializes in emotional eating.

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