Surgery is the first step to a healthier weight, but follow up and support is forever!  Whether you are struggling in your journey or you are trying to be proactive to build up support, we would highly encourage you to participate in our aftercare classes, support, and events!

Back On Track - Reboot
Online Nutrition Classes

Back on Track -Reboot classes are lead by our Registered Dietician, Rebecca Slick.  These monthly classes are intended for patients 6 months or further post-op that have experienced weight regain or a prolonged weight loss stall.  If you have hit a rough patch in life (emotionally or physically) that has contributed to weight regain or if you have been away from our program for a long time, we would encourage you to join us.

The classes allow for group participation, but you are welcome to attend and just listen.  

Can’t make the class?  Call the office for a one-on-one appointment!   


Reboot Your Brain -
Online Behavioral Classes

The bariatric journey is not always easy.  Despite your small stomach and re-routed bowels, meeting your weight loss goals and keeping the weight off takes a lot of work both physically and mentally.  Join Licensed Professional Counselor, Shelly Tjapkes, each month as she addresses various behavioral issues that contribute to obesity and she offers tools and strategies to help us become our best selves. 

These online classes are open for pre-surgery patients as well as patients who have already gone through surgery. 

As with all of our classes and support groups, you can feel free to share or just listen.  

Focus on Fitness -
In-Person Events

Everyday we hear patients talk about barriers to exercise including difficulty motivating themselves, feeling uncomfortable going to the gym, or just wishing they had someone to exercise with.  We have the perfect solution…join one of our staff at a Focus on Fitness Event!  We are not trainers or fitness experts, but we are passionate about good health and helping you achieve your goals!  

Build up your support system and invite your friends or family.  Staff will be present in Life Without Limits attire so please seek us out and introduce yourself. 

*Online classes are not recorded due to patient interaction.  We encourage you to contact the office for a one-on-one appointment as needed.

Classes, Support, Event Schedule

Our Before and After Program

Our Program offers many opportunities to learn and help no matter where you are in your weight loss journey.  Please join as many as you can or reach out to us if you need some extra one on one help.  The following describe a bit about each class.  Keep in mind we are always trying to add new content and new ways to engage with our patients and these may change a bit along the way.

Initial Nutrition Class- This class is for patients who are interested in pursuing bariatric surgery and focuses on establishing healthy dietary and nutrition habits. This class provides an introduction to basic nutrition, including what key nutrients affect health, energy balance and weight control. Participants will learn the basics in nutrition label reading, meal & snack planning, portion size control, and mindful eating.

Pre-op class– This class is required for bariatric patients who are scheduled for surgery. Patients will be given instructions on how to prepare for their upcoming surgery, including details about the hospital stay and information regarding your liquid diet required both before and after surgery.

3 week class- This class is required for bariatric patients who are 3 weeks post-op. Patients will learn about Phase 3 of the bariatric diet, including protein and fluid goals, foods that are safe to incorporate, foods to avoid, appropriate portion sizes, beverage selections, recommended eating schedule, and exercise recommendations.

8 week class– This class is required for bariatric patients who are 8 weeks post-op. Patients will learn about Phase 4 of the bariatric diet, including calorie/macronutrient/fluid goals, foods that are safe to incorporate, foods to avoid, appropriate portion sizes, beverage selections, recommended eating schedule and exercise recommendations.

6 month class– This class is required for bariatric patients who are 6 months post-op. Patients will learn about the bariatric lifestyle diet, including calorie/macronutrient/fluid goals, complex vs simple carbohydrates, appropriate portion sizes, risks of alcohol and carbonated beverages, meal & snack planning, and exercise recommendations.

Back On Track class– This class is for bariatric patients who are 6+ months post-op and struggling with weight regain or extended weight plateau. This class provides an overview of bariatric guidelines, with reminders of nutrition & exercise goals along with tips on how to reestablish healthy habits. Patients are given the opportunity to connect with other patients, ask questions from a nutrition and behavioral health expert and get support to stop weight regain and gain control.

Reboot Your Brain- This is a series with Shelly Tjpakes PLC who will dive into different topics to help with behavior modifications.  Each month is a different topic.

Focus on Fitness– We will set up a place and time to meet for all fitness levels to start or continue your focus on fitness.  We know that exercise can be intimidating and would like to help you get started and comfortable with a normal routine or to try new things with people who may have the all different fitness levels.


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